Jan 18

Anonymous said: Kunta Kinte isn't even offensive. The girl is Nigerian and proud of it. Kunta was proud of who he was. Calling her Toby would be an insult. Kunta is just a reference to that girl bringing up her "roots" every five seconds after she jumps people.

Are you serious dho? 

Calling you a slave who looks like you, could be the story of one of your ancestors. Was whipped and taken from his home, sold. Brought into the inhumane practice of slavery. It’s totally okay though right? And the fact that Shannon is white makes it worse. You could tell she didn’t think TWICE about that insult. For centuries people have been bringing up slavery as a way to bring Black Americans down. It’s the reason why saying *tw* nigger *tw* to a black person to address them is mad problematic because it all comes back to that painful history. 

So like, get the fuck out of here. 

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